Sunday, August 20, 2006

Augusta Georgia Cup

This weekend was the Georgia State Championship weekend. There was a 37k TT on Friday that I didn’t do but my teammates Tim Henry and Hayden Brooks got 5th and 8th respectively.
Saturday was the crit. The Pro1,2 race was 60 laps on a course that was 1 k long with 4 corners of 90 degrees with a chicane between turns three and 4. The distance between the last turn and the finish line was about 250-300 meters. The Subaru Cycling Team started 5 riders: Hayden Brooks, Tim Henry, John Green, Wes Garland, and me. This race was pretty fast from the gun with constant attacks that had at least one Subaru rider in them the whole race. The race got really mixed up between laps 10-30 because there were primes of 25 bucks each lap. Tim was off the front with one other rider at this point and picked up seven of the primes, and Hayden picked up two. After Tim’s break got caught there were a flurry of attacks that didn’t work until Hayden got off with a group of six with about 12-13 laps to go. This group contained Cesar Grajales (Navigator), who won the Brasstown Bald stage of the Tour of Georgia in 2004. He attacked that group with about seven laps to go and rolled in solo for the win. Hayden’s group was caught with about half a lap to go, and I was near the front of the field. I yelled at him to drill it. He strung the field out single file with me in tow second wheel until the last turn. I jumped on the gas from there and took the field sprint for second place and first amateur rider. I am very happy with this result and would like to thank my teammates, especially Hayden, who made this result possible.
Sunday was the road race. It was a tough 24k loop with a bunch of rolling hills the whole loop. The Pro1,2 race did 6 laps on this course. We started five riders again today with mostly the same guys except for Rob Gable taking John Green’s place. There was an early attack containing three dangerous riders: Tiago (Logos), Thad Dulin (Nerac), and Phil Gaimon (VMG). This break lasted until about two laps in because Phil dropped his chain and Thad got a flat tire. Then there were a few attacks that weren’t so serious. With about two and a half laps to go Hayden got in a group of four. Then about a lap later Tim bridged up to the front group with another rider. I was having cramps for the last few laps and was getting dropped on all hills trying to avoid cramp. So I dropped out with one lap to go because I couldn’t have done anything with the cramps just getting worse as the race went on. Three guys rolled in separately. Then Tim and Hayden rolled in for 4th and 5th respectively. This ended a very good weekend of racing for the Subaru Cycling Team. We all worked well together and got some results.