Sunday, May 29, 2016

USPRO National Road Race

Yesterday was the USPRO National Road Race Championship. It was held over 12 laps on a technical and rolling circuit in Winston-Salem, NC. We knew it would be a race of attrition and we would have to save bullets for the end of the race. However, we knew that we would have to send guys in breakaways to take pressure off of our team. For the first few laps Oliver, Barry, Bryan, and myself did a good job covering attacks. That helped put Bryan into the main break of the day. Barry got himself into a chase group as well. Getting into those breaks is tough work and really taxes the legs for later in the race. After the break rolled the pace settled for a couple laps, but then Danny Pate of Rally flatted out of the break. This caused Rally to set a relentless pace on the front to drag the break back. It was at this point that I paid a price for following the early moves and came off with about 4.5 laps to go. The finale of the race looked crazy with a lot of attacks. At the end of the day we had Chad Beyer take 4th place. He was so close to the podium! I think he did a super ride, and we worked very well as a team to get him there. Today we race the Winston-Salem Classic Criterium.