Friday, June 23, 2006


Today I went to the doctor because I haven't been feeling well the past few days. I have had a sore throat, some congestion, and some tightness in my chest. The doctor's office here has some differences to doctor's offices in the US. First of all I just walked into a room where I waited for the doctor to come. There are no receptionists to take your name or anything. There were just a few chairs and a Lego set. The doctor came in after about ten minutes of waiting. Then we went into his office/ patient room. His computer and desk was in there along with a patient table. We first sat at the desk, and he took my name and asked my symptoms. Then he took a look at my throat, ears, and breathing. He came to the conclusion that I have an upper respiratory tract infection. Then he gave me a prescription and I was off. I didn't even have to pay anything. It was pretty sweet. Hopefully I will be well for my next race, IWT, on the 28th.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Today Brandon McKeever, Chris Stockburger, John Murphy Ulric Deyounge, and I did a race called Geluwe. It was a 162.5k UCI 1.12 race. It took place on a 12.5k circuit that we were supposed to do 13 times. There was a lot of wind today, and there was a 200 meter false flat cobbled section about five k into the course. We knew the race was going to blow to shreds early on and it would be important to be at the front. We got to the start line on about the third or fourth row. It was flat out from the gun. I began to move toward the front of the group. I was going decently, but after the cobble section got towards the back of the group. After that section I kept losing contact with the back of the group. I got the feeling that I had at the Rock Hill Crit earlier this year. I couldn’t breathe, and it felt like I was tasting blood. It was no use for me to try to stay with the group because it would just get worse. John Murphy was sitting in the top five but crashed in a turn during the first lap. He got bruises on both hips and separated his shoulder, but he should be fine. Chris still felt sick, and he and Ulric pulled out on the third lap. The race split on the second lap and Brandon made the second group that was pulled with three laps to go. Today was a pretty rough day, but the next race should go better.