Saturday, October 06, 2007

Arrival to the Dominican

After a 3 am wake up in Philadelphia and a 9 hour layover in Miami Prokic, Alex, and I arrived in the DR. We were picked up an hour after our arrival by two guys in a bus who spoke not a lick of English.
At first sight the country was decent but it was night time. Lights lined some streets but were not lit up. People drive around on scooters almost getting hit in the dark. There are potholes you can get lost in. The way people drive here is scary. Nobody regards traffic lights or stop signs. Every car has at least 10 good sized dents in it. The maximum speed we can go in the city is like 10 mph. It really is something else.
After much confusion and driving to one hotel a few times and eating dinner at some sport hall we arrived at our run down hotel. The hallways are narrow and so is the staircase leading up to the second floor. It was a fun task to bring up all of our luggage and put it in a tiny two bedroom room where beds take up most of the space. The toilet has no seat and is blocked by a wall. The shower has just one weak stream of water pumping out. There is also no sink. We have fans, but air-conditioning is something of the past. This trip is going to be crazy.