Saturday, September 24, 2016

6 Gap Crit

Today was the 6 gap crit in held on a tight course in downtown Dahlonega, Georgia. The race was 60 minutes in duration, so my plan was to settle in a little bit and then go on the offensive. Right from the gun Thomas Gibbons and Huntley Nash had a slight lead (maybe 3 seconds) over the field when a crash occurred that stopped the race. Upon the restart the two riders were given a ~15 second advantage on the peloton. I waited to see if anyone would take chase, but after a few laps the gap kept growing, so I went to the front and pulled and pulled and pulled. I made it my mission to make sure those two riders would not stay away. I was trying to get other riders to help me by flicking my elbow, but everyone was on their limit. I knew if I slowed my momentum at all the gap would grow, so I would never slow when I flicked my elbow. At first the gap held even for a while, but that didn't deter me. Then Nash cracked, so that gave me more motivation as I now only had to catch a solo rider. I just kept chugging along and would receive a little help from other riders, but pretty much did all the work myself. Finally with 15 laps to go I brought back Gibbons, and he attacked right after he was brought back. I went with him and we had a gap on the field. He looked toast, so I countered him and quickly established a lead of ten seconds. I just kept pushing and stretched out the gap to around 50 seconds. That assured my victory with around 5 laps left to race, and it was a great feeling to pull out another win in my final race of the 2016 season. Tomorrow is the infamous 6 gap century. I can't wait!