Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Start of the Year Retul Fit

Yesterday I had Karel Sumbal from TriMarni Coaching give me a Retul fit. I have been wanting to get a fit for a while, and there isn't a more perfect time to get a fit than coming off a break. It is not  wise to get a fit in the middle of the season or right before a target race because the new position could increase your chance for injury. Another good idea is to incorporate a good stretching routine into your post-ride ritual. The Retul fit has been around for a few years now. The fitter places sensors of the athlete's foot, ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, and hands. These sensors take measurements while the athlete pedals the bike. There is a range for the various readings that the Retul takes. It is up to the fitter to move the athlete's position based on those readings. The athlete's flexibility and the athlete's use of the bike also determine how the fitter places the athlete on the bike. If you'd like more info on the Retul fit Karel has more info on his and his wife's website here: http://www.trimarnicoach.com/shop/retl-bike-fit.

The first thing Karel did was test my flexibility. This is important to a fitter because it helps them to determine where to position you in the range of measurements that the Retul sensors give them. Then he set my bike up on a trainer and put sensors on the left side of my body. He had me pedal to generate some readings from the Retul software. Then he made some adjustments based on those readings. After all the adjustments were made, he set the sensors up on the right side of my body. That helped to see if there were any issues there. There were no issues, so the fit was over. I came away with a more aggressive position that will hopefully help me to put more power to the pedals next year. I am pleased with the work that Karel did and would recommend him to anyone seeking a fit in the Greenville area.