Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Labor Day Omnium

This past weekend was the Labor Day Omnium in Anderson South Carolina. It consisted of a 4.5 mile tt on a winding and rolling course, a rolling 4 corner crit, and a 70 mile circuit race on the tt course.

The tt was the first event and was pretty straight forward. Crush it full gas the whole way and take the turns as fast as possible. I never really felt like I was going that great and suffered the whole time. I still came in 9th place, which is my best finish at an NRC race this year. So I was pretty happy with that result.

The crit was 80 minutes on a 4 corner course that had a hill in it before turn 3. I did not feel that great for the crit either. A dangerous move went about 20 minutes in with most of the people who did well in the tt, so I went with it. I was pretty tired for the rest of the race and just sat in and finished 21.

The circuit race was on the same course as the tt and I was hoping to have good legs for it. Like at the beginning of the crit a dangerous move went and I got in it. I did not feel great, so I did as little work as possible in this move. The move got brought back and counters followed. My legs still felt bad and never came around. With about 30 miles to go I couldn’t take it anymore and got dropped. Maybe if I didn’t go with that early move I would have been able to stay in the race and make it into a good group at the end of the race. But I am happy that I participated in the crit and the circuit race. I also had the best tt at an NRC race that I have ever had, so I should be happy with this weekend.